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Fig: 1 Sir Eat-a-Lot graduating

top of his class


Sir Eat-a-Lot was born in the British Empire attending Oxford University where he successfully graduated as the top student nationwide in Commerce, Social Capitalism and Gastronomy. His curiosity about the World led him to questioning many of society’s norms. His favourite pastime was to sit with his Professors and question why things had to be the way they were. He also loved everything about family and enjoyed spending time with Lady Trim-a-Lot. She too shared a love of all things related to health, always keen to find a way to keep her slim and trim figure.


Still too, Sir Eat-a-Lot and Lady Trim-a-Lot had two sons; Master Fit-a-Lot who loved all aspects about living a fit and healthy life and Master Live-a-Lot who loved to live life in everything he did; and three daughters; Miss Sweet-a-Lot who was just as sweet as her name, and had a sweet-tooth of note loving anything sweet; Miss Veg-a-lot who loved caring for the planet and all its beings and Miss Free-a-lot who always dreamt of being free and loves all things free and friendly.














Fig: 2 Sir Eat-a-Lot being

knighted by the Queen

Above all, Sir Eat-a-Lot loved everything about gastronomy and enjoyed it so much that he achieved World Accolades and fame for his work on Gastronomy and how food could be reinvented to better meet the needs of modern day society. With this success, Sir Eat-a-Lot was treated to another accolade for his work on Gastronomy; Knighthood. It was a dream come true for Sir Eat-a-Lot and proved without a doubt that this was just the beginning.

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Fig: 3 Sir Eat-a-Lot travelling the World

on his gastronomical adventures

Amidst his Worldwide travels, Sir Eat-a-Lot was exposed to what the World had to offer gastronomically. Tastes, flavours and sweetness from around the World were enjoyed, but the impact was not. Savouring the World’s flavours meant that Sir Eat-a-Lot was now suffering with obesity, excessive weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure. This was a sad moment for Sir Eat-a-Lot, both physically and emotionally. It was now time for Sir Eat-a-Lot to find a solution back home.



Fig: 4 Sir Eat-a-Lot on his pursuit to

find a solution for all

Over the next year, Sir Eat-a-Lot spent most of his days researching and testing recipes that would help him overcome his illnesses. He believed that he had to find a solution for the benefit of everyone, not just himself. Finally, after months of testing recipes, a solution was born. Sir Eat-a-Lot had found an alternative way to gastronomically change the way people ate, so that people could eat more of the good stuff, that would lead them away from the illnesses that he suffered from. It was time for a revolution, a food revolution, and Sir Eat-a-Lot had the answer. It was time to present this to the World.

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Fig: 5 Sir Eat-a-Lot applauded

by food critics worldwide 

The results were in, and the World was astounded at what Sir Eat-a-Lot had created. Food critics could not stop applauding the work of Sir Eat-a-Lot. Esteemed chefs and bakers from around the World sampled the work of Sir Eat-a-Lot and could only raise their glass to him in praise. Some foodies reported experiencing better health due to better digestion, better health and vitality resulting from the lack of gluten. Perhaps the loudest applause was raised at how one could experience all the benefits whilst still being affordable for everyone. The World was now convinced. The way meals are prepared will forever be changed by the findings and recipes of Sir Eat-a-Lot.









Fig: 6 Sir Eat-a-Lot now available

at your favourite retail stores

Now, for the first time in history, Sir Eat-a-Lot’s wide range of meals and desserts are ready to be served to you at your favourite retail stores, all at an affordable and competitive price. All the goodness with none of the funnies.

Sir Eat-a-Lot’s - deliciously gluten free for everyone.

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